English IB IB English student

IB English: The Complete Guide 2024

When it comes to IB English, the options available are varied, and can be confusing. Some mistakenly believe that it is only about literature or language.  While literature centers on scrutinising literary compositions and the techniques…
English IB recording your english oral

English IO – How to Ace Your IB English Literature & Language Oral

What is the English IO? English Literature & Language IB? Then it's only a matter of time before you have to start thinking about your English IO. (Don't worry, our IB Examiner gives you a complete…
English IB IB IO student and IB English tutor working

10 Tips For Success in the IB English IO

Get the best marks possible in your IB English IO with these IB IO tips and a 15-minute video masterclass from our IB English Examiner Tao.   Know your works!  Above all read, and re-read your…
English IB students practicing IO

Help with your English individual oral

Help for your English IO - complete guide from an IB Examiner As an IB English examiner, I am going to share with you some general tips and help for your English IO. Tip 1 –…
English IB books for ielts exam

How to Prepare for the IELTS Test: Expert tips and tricks

Thinking about studying at an English-speaking university, ? Then Passing your IELTS could be a requirement for your course. Here's where the IELTS, an exam that checks how well you can communicate in English, comes in.…
English IB IB student revision course

What is the IA, EE or TOK? Everything you need to know about the IB written assignments

Before heading into acronym diversity (EE, IA, ToK), it’s important for the future International Baccalaureate (IB) student to understand what these mean and what they entail in terms of written assignments. When students follow the International…
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