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Meet Margarita, our expert Chemistry tutor

Margarita Expert Chemistry Tutor


Margarita, one of our TutorsPlus IB experts, tells us a little about life as a Chemistry tutor and beyond.

Tell us a little bit about your teaching and tutoring career so far.

I am a Chemistry teacher with 20+ years’ experience, teaching and tutoring students grades 7 – 12 at a variety of international schools, including the International School of Zug and Luzern. My expertise is in the following curricula: IGCSE, AP and IB (Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics and Theory of Knowledge) programmes, as well as in the MYP curriculum. I have been a Vice-Principal in several schools, a Fulbright Teacher and an IB Chemistry Examiner.

What is the most common challenge you see your students face?

Raising a student’s confidence is my biggest challenge. A successful student is one who has not only a good understanding but also a great deal of confidence in their own abilities.

What would we find you doing when not tutoring?
 I love cycling, travelling, going to the theatre, and concerts, as well as spending time with my family and friends. You will also often find me snuggled on the sofa with a book or in front of a movie.
What is your most memorable teaching moment?

Luckily, I have had many memorable moments! The experiences that stick out in my memory are those when, after a year of studying hard and revising with me, a student gets the highest grade.

I am so proud of my many TutorsPlus students who have given me that great professional satisfaction and I am looking forward to more moments like these in the future.

Margarita is a TutorsPlus IB Chemistry tutor specialising in teaching the International Baccalaureate. She has taught in a number of prestigious schools in Switzerland, the UK, and the US. If you would like to book a session with Margarita or any of our other tutors, click here.

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