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Edexcel joins AQA to cancel IGCSEs – Hot off the press

News of exam cancellation from AQA and now Edexcel

Updated 3rd February: Pearson has done a U-turn to cancel IGCSEs.

Pearson has joined AQA in cancelling IGCSE exams for this summer 2021. A statement released by the exam board stated: “We will use a robust approach based on teacher assessment.”

This comes as AQA cancelled their IGCSE exams last week following consultation with school heads and the Department of Education in the UK. Instead, they are moving to a continuous assessment approach in order to award grades.

Students revising for their IGCSE exams in Switzerland will now be concerned that other boards may follow, leaving parents and students concerned at a time of considerable disruption to education.

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Families are already under high levels of stress and pressure due to Covid-19, and the announcement adds yet more uncertainty.

At TutorsPlus our lead tutor for IGCSE English revision, and AQA examiner, Anna Simpson commented:

“I can see how this is intended to create a level playing field. However, it will cause untold disruption to many international school students in Switzerland, creating yet more stress for our students.”

Anna, our AQA English examiner and tutor is available to help with IGCSE English revision.  Contact us today to book a lesson.

The decision was taken in an attempt to level the playing field in the UK where the GCSE exams have already been cancelled. However, it now poses a dilemma for international schools where other IGCSE exam boards are still going ahead.

Here is the full statement from Pearson.

Oxford AQA said they had decided after “listening to the views of teachers, parents and students around the world.” This has created more complications for international school students preparing and revising for their IGCSE exams.  The Pearson and Cambridge boards announced earlier this month that International A Levels and IGCSEs would take place this year.

The Cambridge Assessment International Education exam board confirmed earlier in the month that it believed that they would continue with exams for students in all locations. “We share the belief of our schools that exams remain the fairest and most accurate way of assessing student achievement. Therefore, we continue to prepare for the March and June series to go ahead.”  Now schools are questioning whether Cambridge will follow Pearson and cancel their IGCSEs as well.

Oxford AQA said it would work to help schools process the teacher assessed grades once they had the results of the UK Ofqual consultation.

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Anna, our AQA English examiner and tutor is available to help with IGCSE English revision.

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