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Aligning Your Child’s Education to the Future of Work

How can you best prepare your children as they start to plan their career journey?

Did you know? The job market is already a daunting and competitive place for students and only 27% of University Graduates have jobs that relate to their chosen study and a shocking 35% of all graduates are either unemployed or underemployed.

At MIS, Montreux International school, our mission is to help change this trend which is why all of our courses are designed in partnership with the best and most progressive higher education providers and industry experts to ensure that academic rigor and industry relevance lead to career acceleration. Our courses provide students with the necessary skills and competencies that employers are actually looking for now and in the future.

There are a handful of internationally recognized curriculums being offered in private international schools and it is sometimes hard for parents to make the right choice to cater to their child’s personality and aspirations. So how can we decrypt this problematic and find the best solution? One of the newest curriculums is the IBCP, International Baccalaureate Career Related Programme which was first introduced in 2012 and is the most recent curriculum provided within the IB organization’s portfolio with more and more schools beginning to adopt this option.

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The IBCP is geared for students aged 16-18 and is a 2-year course which may be taken as an alternative to the IB Diploma, A-Levels or the American AP. It provides students with a choice of subjects they may be more passionate about and allows for both academic rigor and for practical implementation through project-based learning. The learning is interdisciplinary and benefits from continuous assessment allowing for students to not only learn in the classroom but to put theory into practice. Through this methodology, we know that at MIS, our students are both World Ready and Career Ready.

Current pathways being offered at our school include, Business & Digital Marketing, Creative Media Technology, Business & Luxury Hospitality and a Junior MBA. Further pathways will include Fashion Marketing & Management, Fintech, an Elite Performers Programme along with more exciting options currently in creation with top ranked higher education institutions.

Each course meets our triple-A standard which is, aligned with university requirements, authentic to industry needs, with accelerated pathways into aspirational careers.

Montreux International School aims to align the future of education with the future of work and beyond that, to align with the future of humanity. Together we can empower a generation, to live, thrive and drive the change.


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