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SAT optional essay & subject tests cancelled

Since the cancellation of many of the SAT test dates due to the Covid-19 pandemic last year, the College Board has announced it wants to reduce the demands on students in the coming year by removing the optional essay and subject specific tests.

At TutorsPlus we see how stressful the SAT preparation is, particularly with the optional essay.  Helen, our lead SAT tutor commented: “when many of our students are preparing for their IB Diploma exams the SAT essay can add a burden of work and additional anxiety at a time when they are already being asked to stretch themselves to the limit to complete the demands of the IB diploma”.

Students are welcoming the move, particularly those who found an additional 50 minutes essay at the end of an, already arduous, exam did not allow them to do their best work.

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Few international students in Switzerland take the subject test, however many do choose the optional essay.  For those students, they will be able to take the optional essay until June 2021.  The College Board also advises those students to check the SAT Essay policy with the colleges they are applying to.  If students find the SAT Essay is no longer needed they can cancel via the online account up until the registration deadline at the link below.

College Board Link

The subject tests have been disbanded due to the increased reach of the AP exams which render the subject tests unnecessary.

This latest news comes when last year’s cancellations have led to a wide number of US schools removing the SAT requirement for applicants.  This means that students can apply to many colleges “SAT free,” therefore eliminating the need for standardised testing.

Our tutors know the Reading, Writing and Language, Math and Essay sections of the SAT inside-out! They place special focus on strategies and tactics that are important in the exam, so your child can achieve their full potential.  You can find out more information about our tuition here:

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