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Coronavirus and home school: 7 tips for parents

Updated 11th May 2020 A few weeks ago there was huge anxiety amongst our children regarding Coronavirus. Now that many are returning to school, new fears will surely surface. Remind yourself on some important factors when…
French IB French Ab initio student

Ab Initio French Tips for a Top Score

In this guide, we will introduce you to French Ab Initio. In particular, its curriculum, tips for a top score, and revision help for the final exams (including the IA or French oral). So that you…
Economics IB Winner. Excited happy business woman sitting on floor with laptop, raising one hand in the air saying yes, isolated on yellow background

How to get a 7 in IB Business Management

Don't make the mistake of thinking Business Management is a soft topic and doesn't require much work. Like every IB subject, it requires hard work throughout the course to reach 6s and 7s in your final…
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