It was very helpful to get Alex’s guidance. Her expertise and knowledge of the subjects is commendable. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for schooling advice on their children.

gemma andreu

Hello, I wanted to let you know that my son’s IB results came back today and he did very well in maths.  Andrea has been his tutor for the last two years, and helped bring him from an “I hate maths” perspective to one where he has been happy to engage again in a subject he used to love.

International School Parent

“Most fun maths lessons ever!” according to our son. Many thanks for a quick, efficient and excellent service.

Emily Persse

I found the staff to be considerate and responsive to our needs. We needed a specific kind of teacher and they sent us one that was better than we could have hoped for. I’m grateful and relieved!

Jeanette Tantillo

What can I say about TutorsPlus and the invaluable advice we received from Alex and her team. They provided honest, real and experienced advice that helped us make important educational decisions for both our girls at a critical time for our family. I can honestly say our move to Switzerland was made so much easier based on the service we received from TutorsPlus. Thank you TutorsPlus I cannot recommend you guys enough.

Breda Gavin

They have both been a lifesaver, boosting Eddy’s grades by a couple of IB points, which is no small feat. Both tutors are very knowledgeable and work extremely well with students. They always made an effort to be available even on very short notice. Eddy and I give them both top marks.

International School Parent

I used Tutors plus for my daughter who has dyslexia. I particularly like that they listened to my needs and paired her with Alan who had experience of using innovative and alternative styles of tutoring to reach her learning style. It was a personal service rather than a blanket service. I was contacted intermittently to confirm all was on track. My daughter ended up telling me that if she had had Alan as a tutor from primary she might actually be quite good at Maths! Just proves the tutor is so important.


The asnwer from TutorsPlus, was quick and efficient. Matt is helping my son with Maths and he is happy and confident. We will continue using TutorsPlus and recomned it to our friends.

Lucia Falla

My husband and I had the pleasure of speaking with Alex at TutorsPlus for an Educational Advisory/School Choice session. It was an invaluable conversation, that gave us great insights and perspective to inform our school choice. We have lived in Geneva for many years, but despite having a lot of input from friends & word of mouth, we found the school decisions to be challenging to navigate. This session and the perspective & insights Alex offered were absolutely invaluable. We are now confident in our school decision for our children.

I would highly recommend this service to anyone! If you are musing over school options for your children – absolutely speak with TutorsPlus.

Thank you Alex & the TutorsPlus team!

Katie Tilston

Prompt, reliable, flexible and professional service and excellent tutors. Highly recommended.

Michela Dario

Great French support in the run up to my DELF exams.
I’d highly recommend them for this type of work if you have exams coming up.

Suzy Parker

Tony Hyde is a great teacher. He knows his subject, he explains it well, and he’s always friendly and cheerful.

Sacha Muller

The quality and speed of the support I’ve got from TutorsPlus has been just outstanding every time. We are an expat family who have lived in France and elsewhere and over the course of the last few years we’ve consulted with TutorsPlus on a range of different dilemmas about where to place our children, what kind of additional support they need and how best to apply for and assess the suitability of schools. Every single time they have answered within a few hours and given us tailored advice and support from seriously knowledgeable experts which we just wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. They have been a lifeline.

No Lost Generation

She is very attentive to her students requests and is eager and capable of giving precious tips that go beyond the basic lesson and which are very relevant to the IB preparation.

International School Parent

She is a delight. My children loved her. Thank-you!

International School Parent

I noticed such an improvement in my comprehension, my approach to unfamiliar concepts and my confidence and comfort with the SL math content after only a few lessons that I really wanted to continue.

International School Parent

Our tutor Fiona has been great! She’s always on-time, works well with our son and we have seen a big improvement in his math confidence.

Christy Broome

(My daughter) is very pleased with the support from Andrea.  Andrea is very organized with the scheduling and also very flexible in accommodating (my daughter’s) school and life schedule.   She always keeps me in the loop so I am up to date on the tutor dates.  I could also see that Andrea cares for (my daughter’s) well being and progress in Math.

IB Parent

I wanted to let you know that my son’s IB results came back today and he did very well in maths.  Andrea Ludwig has been his tutor for the last two years. She helped bring him from an “I hate maths” perspective to one where he has been happy to engage again in a subject he used to love.
Andrea was not only good with him regarding the subject itself but also took care of him psychologically. She understood when he needed to be pushed when he needed just to drill and practice, and when he needed to rest.  My son enjoyed his time with her (even if he was always late), and they had a good working relationship. Thank you for an excellent service.

IB Parent

Hey recently my IB results came out and I got a solid 34 which I’m happy with but I wanted to tell you that I got a 6 in my Maths Exam, which I’m sure was due to all the hard work and lessons in which you taught me! Thank you again for everything you did to me and I wish you a nice summer 🙂

IB Student

I have just completed the IB from Campus des Nations and I wanted to express how helpful Andrea Ludwig was during the IB as my tutor. She tutored me in SL Maths for 3 years even though my teachers all thought I should drop down to studies maths. Ultimately I ended up with a 5/7 which is what I was aiming for all along. I couldn’t be more thankful! Andrea also tutored me in HL Chemistry and I ended up with a 5/7, only 2 points from a 6/7 and will be requesting a re-mark for the examination, hoping to move up to a 6. Nonetheless, Andrea has been fantastic and extremely motivating during my IB experience.

IB Student

I wanted to write to you to tell you that I scored a 6 on my chem exam! I am so happy with this grade as it exceeds my expectations. I have to thank you so much because I certainly would not have been able to accomplish this without your help!! Thank you!!!”

IB Student

We made the right decision to enroll our daughter during these days of summer 2018.  She appreciated the one on one interaction and we really think that it helped her be more confident in French. The reports and evaluation were much appreciated and thanks very much,

Maricar Casal

Karine has been a great tutor, she is patient, warm and kind with our daughter and makes learning fun. Over the last few months, Karine has supported our daughter in building both her ability and confidence.

Ruth Farrell

Overall, my experience with Matthew’s physics tutoring has been quite positive as he has helped me to further develop my understanding of the subject and to build my self-confidence in class. I have enjoyed our lessons and the opportunity to revisit the topics already covered at school about which I still had some unanswered questions. Matthew has been helpful in providing me with extracurricular materials (e.g. past papers, helpful web resources) deepening my knowledge of the physics.

Sacha Budnikova

“My experience of IB revision courses at TutorsPlus is first class. My son did the courses for higher maths and chemistry. The tutors leading both courses were highly experienced teachers. My son had been predicted a grade 5 in higher maths. He got a grade 6 (only 1 per cent off a 7). He received a grade 6 in chemistry. All communication from TutorsPlus was clear and comprehensive. A thorough pre-assessment was carried out. Class sizes were small. I have no hesitation in recommending TutorsPlus revision courses.”

Sandra Simpson

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