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Vera is an IB English Examiner and IELTS teacher and has been teaching the IB at top IB World Schools for the last 15 years. Her expertise covers IB English Language & Literature, AP Literature & Composition, and Extended Essay support as well as IGCSE English Literature & Language.

Anna is a TutorsPlus tutor


With 10 years of experience teaching English, Anna is an Examiner for the IB and GCSE AQA exam board.  In addition to her first-class degree in English from Durham University, she is also a certified Teacher. More recently she has also taught at Collège Champittet.


Tao has been an IB English Teacher for over 20 years and an IB English Examiner for 14 years. She is also an IB Individual Oral expert. She has worked in international schools in the UK, Portugal & Greece before arriving in Switzerland. She has experience of the IB, English & US programmes.

Jon S


Jon is a qualified teacher and IB examiner. He holds an M.A. in English from New York University. Jon was Head IB teacher & Head of Year at St Andrew’s schools in Buenos Aires. He currently teaches English at the esteemed Avenue World School in New York. Jon is an experienced Extended Essay and Individual Oral Commentary supervisor.



Katy has taught at a number of prestigious schools in the U.K. and Switzerland. Katy teaches English IGCSE & IB Diploma alongside TOK, Global Politics, Geography, History, Religious Studies.  She is also an Extended Essay moderator for Global Politics & Geography.

Sebastian English Tutor


Sebastian is a fully qualified IB English Literature and Language, Theory of Knowledge (TOK) & IB Extended Essay teacher. He also teaches IB French Literature & Language and IB Spanish B. Following more than a decade of teaching in international schools he is able to support IB students with their exam preparation. Specialist English Oral (IO) tutor.



Gigí Diane holds a Master of Education and is an English Language specialist who has taught EAL and English for nearly 30 years. She led the IB Language A: Literature SSST Course and tutors English Language A & B alongside English for Primary and Middle School students. 


Eva is a fully qualified teacher & IB Examiner with an MA in French & Comparative Literature and a PhD in English Literature. She is currently the senior IB teacher at the American School in Cyprus where she teaches IB English, French & German Ab Initio and supervises English Extended Essays.

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IB English Experts

Our tutors prepare students to confidently manage the high demands of the IB DP English programme. First, they help develop critical thinking skills, and they support structuring essays and analysing texts. Secondly, tutors ensure students have the support they need for revision and exam preparation. Finally, our IB teachers and examiners help students understand the texts ahead of their exams.

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English A SL & HL

Our tutors are experienced in teaching IB English A Literature & Language. Above all, this helps students improve quickly. Moreover, tutors guide students through the written and oral elements of the exams. Often, just giving them tips for exam preparation and revision can make the difference. In fact, many tutors are also IB examiners.

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English B SL & HL

Our tutors are experienced in teaching the IB English B programme. Firstly, they help improve students’ vocabulary, grammar, and speaking skills. Secondly, they will students through the written, reading, listening and oral exams. By doing this, tutors help them reach their full potential. In summary, all of our tutors are highly experienced many are also IB examiners.

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Exam Revision

All our English revision teachers are IB trained and some are IB examiners. Above all, this means they know exactly what students need to be fully prepared for their IB English exams. In fact, they help with the toughest parts of the IB and guide students through their oral and final written exams. By doing this, they help students avoid pitfalls and help with study skills and revision.

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Individual Oral

Students often have trouble formulating that crucial “well-focused research question”, and can find themselves going round in circles. Above all our tutors can provide helpful nudges and critique to set students in the right direction. At the same time respecting the student-led nature of this independent research challenge.

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Special Needs IB English Support

We understand that students with special education needs require extra attention in finding and practicing strategies. In fact, SEN students can find the final exam preparation extra stressful. We have a range of tutors who are experts in supporting students with special education needs. In other words, they help with learning difficulties.

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Our approach to tutoring

How TutorsPlus help parents and students
How TutorsPlus help parents and students
How TutorsPlus help parents and students

Advice from our IB experts

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