What else can you expect from our Maths tutors?

Love Learning

Our Maths tutors love their subject and love to teach it. They can turn a page of incomprehensible formulas into a fascinating exploration into the magic of numbers.

Academic Progress

From the IB to IGCSE, Reasoning and Maths components of GMAT or SAT/ACT: whichever programme, we have a tutor who specialises in it.

Learning tailored to needs & personality

Whether it be skills, knowledge or confidence, our tutors are able to quickly identify areas that need to be focused on to make a lasting change. They don’t just stick to one single teaching method, but draw on their extensive experience of varied approaches to find a way forward that best suits an individual student. Our tutors can also provide specialised support related to Dyscalculia, ADD/ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder, among others.

Peace of mind

All our tutors are background checked, highly-trained and have years of teaching experience. Every tutor is as unique as your child and we pride ourselves on paying great attention to match students with the best possible tutor for their needs and personality.

Parents’ top choice for tutors

Excellent advice from TutorsPlus! It's reassuring to be so well accompanied when faced with an unfamiliar system and important choices to make.
E Sand
E Sand
20:27 06 Dec 19
I found the staff to be considerate and responsive to our needs. We needed a specific kind of teacher and they sent us one that was better than we could have hoped for. I'm grateful and relieved!
jeanette tantillo
jeanette tantillo
11:57 02 Dec 19
Our tutor Fiona has been great! She's always on-time, works well with our son and we have seen a big improvement in his math confidence.
Christy Broome
Christy Broome
11:07 12 Sep 19
We are really happy with TutorsPlus which has been providing us excellent tutors for several years. Whenever is necessary they find you new tutors in all subjects and for different aims (preparing for the IB exams, for example).Communication is easy and quicky. Highly recommended.
liliana ishihata
liliana ishihata
08:46 02 Sep 19
Tony Hyde is a great teacher. He knows his subject, he explains it well, and he's always friendly and cheerful. – Sacha Muller
Henry Muller
Henry Muller
13:07 20 Aug 19
Hello, I wanted to let you know that my son's IB results came back today and he did very well in maths. Andrea Ludwig has been his tutor for the last two years, and helped bring him from an "I hate maths" perspective to one where he has been happy to engage again in a subject he used to love.Andrea was not only good with him regarding the subject itself, but also took care of him psychologically. She understood when he needed to be pushed, when he needed just to drill and practice, and when he needed to rest. My son enjoyed his time with her (even if he was always late), and they had a good working relationship.Thank you for an excellent service.
Andrea Lucard
Andrea Lucard
10:33 08 Jul 19
We have always been impressed with the service that TutorsPlus provides. Our daughter is at 4P in 2019 in a bi-lingual school in Geneva. We initially contacted them summer of 2018 before school started to give our daughter the opportunity to practice French and build confidence. She gained confidence from these sessions and have progressed a lot at 4P. This year, she has her exam for "Epreuves Cantonales' and when we asked her last week what areas she needs to improve - which is grammar, we immediately contacted TutorsPlus and they were able to coordinate our Tutor - Anais, who always have given excellent sessions and built a good rapport with our daughter. She is very professional and comes with materials based on the areas the child needs to work on. We highly recommend TutorsPlus!
Maricar Casal
Maricar Casal
05:06 23 May 19
Highly recommended! Deep knowledge of Geneva area schooling options and experiences, very practical and most importantly - tailored to our individual situation. Alex listens very carefully and recommends best solutions.
Hynek Sery
Hynek Sery
17:08 12 Apr 19
My husband and I had the pleasure of speaking with Alex at TutorsPlus for an Educational Advisory/School Choice session. It was an invaluable conversation, that gave us great insights and perspective to inform our school choice. We have lived in Geneva for many years, yet despite having a lot of input from friends & word of mouth, we found the school decisions to be challenging to navigate. This session and the perspective & insights Alex offered were absolutely invaluable. We are now confident in our school decision for our children.I would highly recommend this service to anyone! If you are musing over school options for your children - absolutely speak with TutorsPlus. Thank you Alex & the TutorsPlus team!
Kathryn Heinz
Kathryn Heinz
19:54 19 Feb 19
What can I say about TutorsPlus and the invaluable advice we received from Alex and her team. They provided honest, real and experienced advice that helped us make important educational decisions for both our girls at a critical time for our family. I can honestly say our move to Switzerland was made so much easier based on the service we received from TutorsPlus. Thank you TutorsPlus I cannot recommend you guys enough.
Breda Gavin
Breda Gavin
14:19 01 Feb 19

Expert Maths teachers for each curriculum

IB Maths SL Studies, SL & HL

The IB Diploma is unique in its inquiry-based and reflective approach to learning Mathematics, and it can take a while for students to become familiar with this. Our expert IB tutors will pay particular attention to these elements, ensuring students demonstrate their knowledge of Maths as required by the IB.

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We have tutors with extensive experience in teaching the IGCSE (The International General Certificate of Secondary Education). They can help ensure students are confident in all topics required by the programme and give them the exam skills they will need, as well as support them through the revision process.

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Primary Maths

It’s ideal to set a great foundation for Maths at the Primary level. As well as providing fun and interesting approaches to some of the trickier Maths concepts, our tutors can also support preparation for the UK Common Entrance examinations.

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College Prep

Learn the different tips and tricks unique to each exam. We have expert tutors who can assist the preparation of the Maths component of the SAT & ACT, and who can also support the Quantitative and Integrated Reasoning of the GMAT exam.

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Maths Homework Help

Our tutors provide a structure and routine for doing homework and assignments. You can rely on them to keep your child on track with their studies. But even more so, we truly want students to become independent learners and will help them build the skills and self-knowledge so that they manage their homework and assignments on their own.

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Special Needs Maths Support

We understand that students with special education needs require extra attention practising strategies that are tailored specially for them. We have a range of tutors who are experts in bringing students with special education needs – from Dyscalculia to ADD/ADHD or Autistic Spectrum Disorder – to a higher level of understanding of mathematical concepts.

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Meet a few of our Maths Tutors

All tutors are directly employed by TutorsPlus. We take care to perform all the essential background checks including criminal record checks and references for all our teachers.


Albena brings almost 20 years of international teaching experience to the TutorsPlus team, and as Head of Maths she teaches the IB Diploma, IGCSE and AP.  She has an MSc in Maths and Computer Sciences and a second Masters in Educational and Training Systems Design.


Nottania has a PhD in Microbiology (University of Zurich) and tutors students in Chemistry, Biology and Maths for TutorsPlus in Geneva and now in Zurich. As a teacher and a tutor she loves supporting IB Diploma students.


Valeria is known for her expertise in tutoring Maths and Physics for the last 8 years with TutorsPlus, and for her highly focused IB Diploma and IGCSE exam preparation. She has a Phd in Mathematical Physics and taught at University level in Italy and the UK.

Why parents choose TutorsPlus

Highly Effective Individual Support

We combine the best teaching with an individual approach to improve results. One-to-one focus on each student.

Our Tutors Are The Magic Ingredient

We have the best tutors in Switzerland, experienced in Maths, Science, English, Revision and more.

Flexible Tuition To Fit Busy Schedules

Tutoring where you want it when you want it across the Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich and Zug regions in Switzerland.

Find a Maths tutor

If you are looking for an experienced Maths tutor, get in touch and let us send you the details of the best tutor to fit your requirements.