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Christopher is a TutorsPlus tutor


Chris has been a Maths & Physics tutor for over 10 years. Also, he has a track record of helping his students gain entrance into top English boarding schools. Students have succeeded in getting places at Eton, St Paul’s, Dulwich College through excellent common entrance exam results.

tutor Alonzo


Alonzo specialises in English and Maths tuition with young learners. In addition, he prepares students for US school entrance exams (SSAT and ISEE). He is a fully qualified US primary and middle school teacher.

tutor Fiona


Fiona is a Maths expert and fully qualified Maths teacher who helps build students’ confidence in the subject. She also has experience preparing children for the UK school common entrance exams such as the 11+ and 13+.



Helen, an MBA graduate from INSEAD, is a trained Test Prep tutor, KAPLAN certified and teaches SAT prep courses, and one-to-one tuition. She, tutors British common entrance exam (11+, 13+), GMAT and TOEFL exams with exceptional success rates as well as IB Business Management. 

Tina Heintz


Tina has over 10 yrs of experience teaching English, French, and Maths (in English or French). She also has experience teaching students with dyslexia, ADHD, and children with gifted & talented profiles.  Tina also tutors private school Common Entrance Exams (UK & US).

Navigating school entrance exams

Our School Entrance Exam tutors are experienced teachers who can help your child prepare for their entrance exams with confidence. Whether it is improving academics, exam techniques or helping them become familiar with the style and demands of each test, our experienced tutors can help. Our tutors are based in Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne or Online.

We have successfully tutored students for entrance to Cheltenham Ladies College, Sevenoaks, Sherbourne College, Bedford College and many others.

Many international families living in Switzerland decide to apply to a private school here or abroad, either as a boarder or a day student. This often requires the student sit a school entrance exam. Each country will vary but the majority of our students are headed to the UK or US and will sit either the
11+, 13+, ISEE or SSAT exam.

It is important that students from an international school background prepare thoroughly to ensure they have covered the topics and style of education of the school they wish to attend.

If you are unsure which test your child needs to take, please call our educational advisers on +41 22 731 8148 and we will guide you through the process. An initial consultation is free and can help you understand how your child needs to prepare and what they can do to strengthen their application.

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UK school entrance exams

Specific School Exams

    Although many schools will call their entrance exam the 11+ or 13+, in fact they are not the standard ISEB exam but one set specifically for that school
  Most schools will have details of the test on their website, along with sample exam papers.

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    The 11+ is for those students applying to start in a new school in Year 7.
  Also called Common Entrance, the 11+ is an exam set by the ISEB and used by private prep schools in the UK for entry into a private junior or secondary school.

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    The 13+ is for those students applying to start in a new school in Year 9.
  Also called Common Entrance, the 13+ is an exam set by the ISEB and used by private prep schools in the UK for entry into a private junior or secondary school.

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Other Exam Options

    Your school may ask for the following tests:
  UKiset Test    Alis Test    SAT or ACT  

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US school entrance exams.


What is the ISEE? The ISEE is the Independent School Entrance Examination, and it's used for admission to private middle and high schools in the United States. There are different levels of the test depending on your age/school grade. The Upper Level -  9th grade and above. The Middle Level - 7th and 8th grade Lower Level -  5th and 6th grade. All tests include Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Mathematics and an un-scored Essay.

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The SSAT is a standardized test used to assess the abilities of students applying to an independent school in the United States. The SSAT measures the basic verbal, math, and reading skills. There are 3 levels of the test; Elementary Level SSAT - current 3rd and 4th graders who are applying for 4th and 5th grades. Middle Level SSAT - current students in 5 -7th grade  applying for grades 6 to 8. Upper Level SSAT - current students in grades 8-11 who are applying for grade 9 onwards.

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