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Meta holds a Masters in Education and is an IB specialist, teaching MYP through to the IB Diploma in an IB World School. Meta teaches both IB Diploma Maths courses and she has been an IB Examiner for Maths AA SL since 2021.


For the last 8 years, Ruth has taught students at the prestigious Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland where she supports students through the crucial stages of their learning. She specialises in tutoring students in IB Maths & Physics at standard level and IGCSE. 



Meera holds a BA in Science Education from the University of Melbourne and is currently the Head of Maths and the IB Coordinator at the International School of Hanover. Prior to this, she taught at colleges and grammar schools in Australia. She has over 30 years experience teaching in various educational settings and specialises in IB Maths MYP and Diploma AA (HL and SL).



Enkela holds a Master of Education in Mathematics as well as a Master of Science in Adolescent Education. Before her current role as MYP, DP teacher in an IB World School, she spent 17 years teaching Maths in Queens, New York. She is also an EdExcel Examiner for the Mathematics curriculum. Enkela has trained to specialise in teaching Maths to English Language Learners, SEN students and gifted and talented students.



Jaffal holds a Masters in Applied Maths from the Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology and has many years experience teaching the IB curriculum. He is also an accredited IB examiner.

Paul C

Paul C

Paul worked for many years at one of Germany’s most prestigious international schools and tutors in both English & German. Paul tutors students following both the AA and AI pathways as well as iGCSE and A Level Maths.


As a Maths specialist Mejrima teaches both Analysis and Approaches and Applications and Interpretations at all levels as well as IGCSE and Middle School Maths. She also uses her experience as an IB Examiner to guide her students in how to best perform in their final exams and optimise their marks.

Albena is a TutorsPlus tutor


Albena brings 20 years of international teaching experience to the TutorsPlus team. At the moment she is Head of Maths and teaches the IB Diploma, IGCSE, and AP.  She has an MSc in Maths and Computer Sciences and a second Masters in Educational. She also tutors the Maths IA.


Paula teaches Chemistry and Maths across the IGCSE, A Level, and IBDP curriculums progressing to Head of Department. She is now Head of Mathematics at the International School of Basel. Paula’s thorough subject knowledge, passion for Maths and Science as well as her supportive and encouraging approach makes her a very popular choice amongst our students.



Fabrice is a qualified teacher with a Masters in Mathematics and a PhD in Computer Science. He has taught Maths, Physics and Chemistry at a number of International schools and currently teaches Maths IB (AA and AI) in French and English. Internal Assessment supervisor.

Wael maths & economics tutor


Wael has been teaching Maths and Economics up to IB Level for 20 years. He is currently the IB Maths coordinator at the German International School in Beirut and is also an official IB Maths Examiner for the IBO. Wael has also delivered a number of workshops including IB Internal Assessments, and IB Maths for Experienced Teachers. 


Yilmaz is a Maths IB Examiner and has taught IGCSE, MYP, IB and A Level over the past 24 years. He is also a specialist for the IB Internal Assessment. Yilmaz ensures his lessons reflect the individual needs of each student.



Hadi currently works at the International School of Viernheim, Germany where in addition to teaching IB Physics & IGCSE Physics. He is the IB Maths and CAS Coordinator. He is also an IBO certified examiner and also specialises in supporting students with their Physics Internal Assessments.

Simon Maths & Chemistry Tutor


Simon is a Maths, Physics & Chemistry tutor. As a UK certified teacher, he now tutors IB, IGCSE for TutorsPlus in Geneva. In addition, he has a wide range of experience writing and delivering courses. This helps him support students preparing for their final exams, Internal Assessments, and lab reports.

Christopher is a TutorsPlus tutor


Chris has been a Maths & Physics tutor for over 10 years. Also, he has a track record of helping his students gain entrance into top English boarding schools. Students have succeeded in getting places at Eton, St Paul’s, Dulwich College through excellent common entrance exam results.

Ahmad - Maths Tutor


Ahmad is an IB and IGCSE Maths teacher. Teaching both Middle and High School students allows Ahmad to follow the progress of his students as they move into IGCSE and IB years. Ahmad is also an IB Revision Course instructor.  He also tutors Maths Internal Assessments.

Matthew B

Matthew B

Matthew is a professional Maths, Physics and TOK teacher at a large international school. One of our top tutors, Matthew teaches the IB alongside the IGCSE and A Level curricula. Matthew is an Online specialist.



Mudassir is an IB Maths Examiner, an IA Moderator and a Diploma Mathematics Curriculum Reviewer for the IBO. He also teaches the MYP, IGCSE and A-Level curriculums as well as SAT preparation. 



With a PhD in Microbiology, Dipa is a qualified IB Biology & Chemistry Teacher. She is a committed, and innovative Science and Maths teacher. Dipa has been teaching for 8 years alongside her Scientific Research. She teaches Middle School, IGCSE & IB Diploma Maths & Sciences.  She also helps support students with their Internal Assessments.

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TutorsPlus tutors confidently help get better scores in their IB Maths exams. For example, finding problem areas, helping with exam technique and practising exam questions. As a result, students gain the confidence they need to succeed.

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Standard Level & Higher Level

Our Maths tutors are experts in Analysis and Approaches (AA) and Applications and Interpretation (AI). In addition, tutors are specialised in statistics, probability, and calculus. As well as topics specific to the Higher Level Maths.

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Internal Assessments

IAs are the opportunity to put learning into practice. Because our tutors understand the skills needed they can help students get great results in their IA Maths investigation.

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Exam Preparation

All our Maths revision teachers are IB trained and some are qualified IB examiners. As a result, they know exactly what students need to be fully prepared.

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Extended Essay

Students often have trouble formulating that crucial “well-focused research question.” Often students can find themselves going round in circles with their arguments. Above all, our tutors provide critique to set students in a constructive direction. While respecting the student-led nature of this independent research challenge.

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Special Needs Support

We understand that students with special education needs require extra attention. Often, they can need help finding strategies that work for them. Therefore we have a range of tutors who are experts in supporting students with special education needs.

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Our approach to tutoring

How TutorsPlus help parents and students
How TutorsPlus help parents and students
How TutorsPlus help parents and students

Advice from our IB Experts

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