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It all started when a British teacher moved to Switzerland in 2006. First, he discovered that students needed professional IB tutors, who understood their needs, to help them succeed.
Second, he saw IB graduate tutors weren’t experienced enough to get the best results.
Soon he was overstretched and overworked and had to find new talented teachers to help.
That was over 15 years ago. Since then we have helped thousands of IB students improve their grades.


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For the last 8 years, Ruth has taught students at the prestigious Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland where she supports students through the crucial stages of their learning. Maths & Physics SL, IGCSE

Simon Maths & Chemistry Tutor


Simon is a Maths, Physics & Chemistry tutor. As a UK certified teacher, he now tutors IB, IGCSE for TutorsPlus in Geneva. In addition, he has a wide range of experience writing and delivering courses. This helps him support students preparing for their final exams, Internal Assessments, and lab reports.

Albena is a TutorsPlus tutor


Albena brings 20 years of international teaching experience to the TutorsPlus team. At the moment she is Head of Maths and teaches the IB Diploma, IGCSE, and AP.  She has an MSc in Maths and Computer Sciences and a second Masters in Educational. She also tutors the Maths IA.


Paula teaches Chemistry and Maths across the IGCSE, A Level, and IBDP curriculums progressing to Head of Department. She is now Head of Mathematics at the International School of Basel. Paula’s thorough subject knowledge, passion for Maths and Science as well as her supportive and encouraging approach makes her a very popular choice amongst our students.

Wael maths & economics tutor


Wael has been teaching Maths and Economics up to IB Level for 20 years. He is currently the IB Maths coordinator at the German International School in Beirut and is also an official IB Maths Examiner for the IBO. Wael has also delivered a number of workshops including IB Internal Assessments, and IB Maths for Experienced Teachers. 


Yilmaz is a Maths IB Examiner and has taught IGCSE, MYP, IB and A Level over the past 24 years. He is also a specialist for the IB Internal Assessment. Yilmaz ensures his lessons reflect the individual needs of each student.



Jaffal holds a Masters in Applied Maths from the Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology and has many years experience teaching the IB curriculum. He is also an accredited IB examiner.


As a Maths specialist Mejrima teaches both Analysis and Approaches and Applications and Interpretations at all levels. She also uses her experience as an IB Examiner to guide her students in how to best perform in their final exams and optimise their marks.



Hadi currently works at the International School of Viernheim, Germany where in addition to teaching IB Physics, he is the IB Maths and CAS Coordinator. He is also an IBO certified examiner and also specialises in supporting students with their Physics Internal Assessments.


Ossama is an AQA Examiner ( A Level) and an IB Physics teacher at an International School in Shangai. He also teaches IGCSE and MYP Physics and Chemistry, as well as teaching Revision Courses at Cambridge University.

Christopher is a TutorsPlus tutor


Chris has been a Maths & Physics tutor for over 10 years. Also, he has a track record of helping his students gain entrance into top English boarding schools. Students have succeeded in getting places at Eton, St Paul’s, Dulwich College through excellent common entrance exam results.

Ahmad - Maths Tutor


Ahmad is an IB and IGCSE Maths teacher. Teaching both Middle and High School students allows Ahmad to follow the progress of his students as they move into IGCSE and IB years. Ahmad is also an IB Revision Course instructor.  He also tutors Maths Internal Assessments.

Matthew B

Matthew is a professional Maths, Physics and TOK teacher at a large international school. One of our top tutors, Matthew teaches the IB alongside the IGCSE and A Level curricula. Matthew is an Online specialist.



Kostas is a fully qualified Maths Teacher, training at the International School of Geneva and Institut International de Lancy. He specialises in preparing students for the IB Diploma & IGCSE Maths exams. Kostas has a patient and supportive teaching style, building students’ confidence while helping improve their academic results.


Majid has a degree in Chemistry, as well as a teaching diploma in secondary education. He has been teaching IB Chemistry for the past 13 years and is an IB Examiner specialising in the Internal Assessments.



Mudassir is an IB Maths Examiner, an IA Moderator and a Diploma Mathematics Curriculum Reviewer for the IBO. He also teaches the MYP, IGCSE and A-Level curriculums as well as SAT preparation. 



With a PhD in Microbiology, Dipa is a qualified IB Biology & Chemistry Teacher. She is a committed, and innovative Science and Maths teacher. Dipa has been teaching for 8 years alongside her Scientific Research. She teaches Middle School, IGCSE & IB Diploma Maths & Sciences.  She also helps support students with their Internal Assessments.

Kumar Sarvesh is a TutorsPlus tutor


Kumar teaches Maths, Physics, & Economics in the Zurich and Zug area. He has degrees in Management, an Executive MBA from INSEAD, and a Ph.d. from the EU Business School, then went on to run his own business. Additionally, he tutors students IB students in key subjects.


Hassan is a qualified teacher. He has taught for almost 20 years, teaching undergraduates and secondary school students Maths and Physics and is equally comfortable with both the Swiss and French system.

Valeria is a TutorsPlus tutor


Valeria is known for her expertise in tutoring Maths and Physics for the last 8 years with TutorsPlus, and for her highly focused IB Diploma and IGCSE exam preparation. She has a Phd in Mathematical Physics and taught at University level in Italy and the UK.


Callie has taught Mathematics and Science for Years 7 – 13 across the American, IGCSE and IB (Middle Years and Diploma) Programmes, in six countries, in national and international schools. She is lead Maths teacher at her current school.

What else can you expect from our IB Maths tutors?

Love IB Maths

Specialist IB Maths teachers and examiners who love the IB Diploma and love to tutor Maths.

Improved IB Results

Maths tutors who are experienced IB teachers and examiners. Moreover, they can also help with Internal Assessments and IB Maths revision.

Parents’ top choice for IB Maths tutors

It was a very rewarding experience- My daughter has excelled in a short time from average to top marks in the subject she received tutoring in. The teacher was outstanding, and the service in general good and well organised. I highly recommend TutorsPlus.
Louisa Colombo
Louisa Colombo
19:24 11 May 22
Gary was an excellent tutor - very knowledgeable on Economics, very patient, knew how to keep my attention, was always available and even provided last minute tips before the exam. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone.
Lachlan Emery
Lachlan Emery
14:59 10 May 22
The team at TutorsPlus are very knowledgeable, quick to respond and easy to communicate with. The team were able to match us with qualified tutors of an excellent standard. I can’t recommend TutorsPlus enough
Hayley Glover
Hayley Glover
14:17 21 Mar 22
i moved recently to geneva with my family , i have a 15 yeard old boy , my son was finding difficulties in integrating in the new system . till we reached a stage that my son refused to go to school and started having dark thoughts , I was completely down and stressed didnt know what to do and how i can find the right approach with my son , i contacted Tutor plus and they were extremely helpful, the director Alex was very helful and she provided me with full support .Alex knows very well the education system in switzerland specially for english educatded students
Mariam Hamed
Mariam Hamed
12:01 01 Mar 22
I worked with Tutorsplus when the company just started and Alex was very friendly and supportive. She always made pupil suggestions according to my preferences and there were plenty of opportunities to fit around my available hours. I really enjoyed the variety of ages, lessons and different needs of the students I taught, and met some lovely families. Alex was always available to give any help, offer resource advice, answer questions, give feedback. It was a great experience with Tutorsplus.
Col Rad
Col Rad
08:17 13 Feb 22
I have had a great experience with TutorPlus.They connected me with Andrea for Maths A Levels and she has been able to help me through homeschooling, while being patient and making sure I work and achieve my goals.
Mariana Coutinho
Mariana Coutinho
15:38 13 Sep 21
I had Andrea as my french biology tutor, she was able to make me completely confident in my abilities, and helped me boost my grades. Thanks to her I was able to secure the my desired grade and be 2 points away from exceeding my expectations. Her teaching methods were challenging at first but after adjusting to both of our desires, we were able to work very effectively. I would highly recommend using Tutorsplus, as they offer great services and tutors and their platform is very user friendly.
Tristan Collard
Tristan Collard
11:21 14 Jul 21
Child centred approach. Very helpful and supportive. Great communication especially in the beginning when setting up tutors. Tutors were professional, they communicated with the school. I was able to step back as I trusted the tutors. My son's maths results jumped up considerably in a short amount of time. I highly recommend TutorsPlus.
Susan Howe
Susan Howe
14:32 11 Jun 21
Excellent support service for families with complex educational needs. They listen carefully and find the exact match for your child. Top class teachers. Great advise on schooling as well. Thank you!
Seza Aydin
Seza Aydin
11:31 11 Jun 21
I got excellent advice and a complete and clear overview of the different schooling systems and schools in the area. Special care in the discussion went in understanding the specific needs of my child, and as such getting several suitable and well-adapted ideas for his future schooling.
Ans Kat
Ans Kat
18:24 16 Oct 20
I had two tutors from Tutors Plus, a French tutor who was terrific working with me as an adult learner and the second, a math tutor who worked with my daughter over a few years. Both were a perfect match for our needs, and I couldn’t have asked for better tutors. TutorsPlus and the tutors were responsive to our needs. My daughter's tutor was great with the math as well as in building her self-esteem. It was great to have the same tutor crossing over a long period because it provided us with a good consistency. The tutor undoubtedly helped dispel those mum daughter tensions, which grow when mum thinks she can be a teacher.
Joanina Karugaba
Joanina Karugaba
09:24 23 Jul 20
Professional team and excellent and timely follow-up. I would not hesitate to use them again.
Michelle Keating
Michelle Keating
12:04 21 Apr 20
My experience with TutorsPlus was excellent. I am a final year IB student, and I just recently finished a weeks worth of tutoring with a range of tutors. Since then, I have gone from being the student stressed about my upcoming exams to a student that answers every question in class! I would highly recommend this program; it is first class. Thank you tutor plus!
frazer king
frazer king
08:21 04 Mar 20
Has been a great resource to provide the extra support needed for year 13 maths.Lessons have been tailored to individual needs and have not just shown improved exam results but also improved confidence.Any questions or concerns have been responded to in a quick and professional manner. Highly recommend TutorsPlus.
margaret mcsherry
margaret mcsherry
23:19 25 Feb 20
I contacted TutorsPlus for help with my daughter who was struggling painfully with IB SL Bio. They listened to our needs and quickly put us in touch with Wendy. I wasn’t sure how tutoring by skype would work out but it has been great. During the tutoring sessions they speak face to face while at the same time sharing documents and worksheets on a split screen. Thanks to Wendy's expert tutoring, my daughter has gained more confidence, is doing much better with her marks and actually looks forward to her weekly session.
12:29 10 Feb 20
My experience of IB revision courses at TutorsPlus is first class. My son did the courses for higher maths and chemistry. The tutors leading both courses were highly experienced teachers. My son had been predicted a grade 5 in higher maths. He got a grade 6 (only 1 per cent off a 7). He received a grade 6 in chemistry. All communication from TutorsPlus was clear and comprehensive. A thorough pre-assessment was carried out. Class sizes were small. I have no hesitation in recommending TutorsPlus revision courses.
Sandra Simpson
Sandra Simpson
14:50 17 Jan 20
Laura was very engaging in her work with our daughter. She is thoughtful, patient and knows her trade well. We definitely feel it was worthwhile.
Rob Lynam
Rob Lynam
09:00 17 Jan 20
Exceeded our expectations !! The increase in our son's SAT score as a result of the work that two of the TutorsPlus teachers did with our son over a few months made an incredible positive difference. He was accepted into his institution of choice in the United States. Also very flexible and understanding in scheduling of sessions.
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor
16:41 20 Dec 19
Excellent advice from TutorsPlus! It's reassuring to be so well accompanied when faced with an unfamiliar system and important choices to make.
E Sand
E Sand
20:27 06 Dec 19
I found the staff to be considerate and responsive to our needs. We needed a specific kind of teacher and they sent us one that was better than we could have hoped for. I'm grateful and relieved!
jeanette tantillo
jeanette tantillo
11:57 02 Dec 19
Our tutor Fiona has been great! She's always on-time, works well with our son and we have seen a big improvement in his math confidence.
Christy Broome
Christy Broome
11:07 12 Sep 19
We are really happy with TutorsPlus which has been providing us excellent tutors for several years. Whenever is necessary they find you new tutors in all subjects and for different aims (preparing for the IB exams, for example).Communication is easy and quicky. Highly recommended.
liliana ishihata
liliana ishihata
08:46 02 Sep 19
Tony Hyde is a great teacher. He knows his subject, he explains it well, and he's always friendly and cheerful. – Sacha Muller
Henry Muller
Henry Muller
13:07 20 Aug 19
Hello, I wanted to let you know that my son's IB results came back today and he did very well in maths. Andrea Ludwig has been his tutor for the last two years, and helped bring him from an "I hate maths" perspective to one where he has been happy to engage again in a subject he used to love.Andrea was not only good with him regarding the subject itself, but also took care of him psychologically. She understood when he needed to be pushed, when he needed just to drill and practice, and when he needed to rest. My son enjoyed his time with her (even if he was always late), and they had a good working relationship.Thank you for an excellent service.
Andrea Lucard
Andrea Lucard
10:33 08 Jul 19
We have always been impressed with the service that TutorsPlus provides. Our daughter is at 4P in 2019 in a bi-lingual school in Geneva. We initially contacted them summer of 2018 before school started to give our daughter the opportunity to practice French and build confidence. She gained confidence from these sessions and have progressed a lot at 4P. This year, she has her exam for "Epreuves Cantonales' and when we asked her last week what areas she needs to improve - which is grammar, we immediately contacted TutorsPlus and they were able to coordinate our Tutor - Anais, who always have given excellent sessions and built a good rapport with our daughter. She is very professional and comes with materials based on the areas the child needs to work on. We highly recommend TutorsPlus!
Maricar Casal
Maricar Casal
05:06 23 May 19
Highly recommended! Deep knowledge of Geneva area schooling options and experiences, very practical and most importantly - tailored to our individual situation. Alex listens very carefully and recommends best solutions.
Hynek Sery
Hynek Sery
17:08 12 Apr 19
My husband and I had the pleasure of speaking with Alex at TutorsPlus for an Educational Advisory/School Choice session. It was an invaluable conversation, that gave us great insights and perspective to inform our school choice. We have lived in Geneva for many years, yet despite having a lot of input from friends & word of mouth, we found the school decisions to be challenging to navigate. This session and the perspective & insights Alex offered were absolutely invaluable. We are now confident in our school decision for our children.I would highly recommend this service to anyone! If you are musing over school options for your children - absolutely speak with TutorsPlus. Thank you Alex & the TutorsPlus team!
Kathryn Heinz
Kathryn Heinz
19:54 19 Feb 19
What can I say about TutorsPlus and the invaluable advice we received from Alex and her team. They provided honest, real and experienced advice that helped us make important educational decisions for both our girls at a critical time for our family. I can honestly say our move to Switzerland was made so much easier based on the service we received from TutorsPlus. Thank you TutorsPlus I cannot recommend you guys enough.
Breda Gavin
Breda Gavin
14:19 01 Feb 19

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Our Maths tutors are experts in Analysis and Approaches (AA) and Applications and Interpretation (AI). In addition, tutors are specialised in statistics, probability, and calculus. As well as topics specific to the Higher Level Maths.

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IAs are the opportunity to put learning into practice. Because our tutors understand the skills needed they can help students get great results in their IA Maths investigation.

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All our Maths revision teachers are IB trained and some are qualified IB examiners. As a result, they know exactly what students need to be fully prepared.

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Students often have trouble formulating that crucial “well-focused research question.” Often students can find themselves going round in circles with their arguments. Above all, our tutors provide critique to set students in a constructive direction. While respecting the student-led nature of this independent research challenge.

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We understand that students with special education needs require extra attention. Often, they can need help finding strategies that work for them. Therefore we have a range of tutors who are experts in supporting students with special education needs.

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