University applications advice

Whether Russell group or Ivy league, we help international students realise their dreams of reaching the best universities. We provide the support your family needs throughout the process to ensure that each student prepares the best application possible.

Expert university applications advice

First, they help students select the best courses and universities, giving clear information concerning all requirements.

Each student has the best chance of success

They then provide assistance in the preparation of written work, tests, and personal statements.

Offers from top universities in Europe & North America

In fact, our students have received offers from top US, UK, and European institutions (Harvard, Yale, Columbia, NYU, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, St Andrews, NUS, & Bocconi).

We look forward to working with your family.

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Our University Applications services include:

  1. A thorough overview of all undergraduate systems.
  2. Discussion on degrees/university options.
  3. Overseeing applications & tuition for entry tests (SAT/ACT; BMAT; Oxbridge etc).
  4. Guidance writing the personal statement & additional written work.
  5. Gathering and translating transcripts /certificates.
  6. Instructions to referees on writing references, help with CV and letters of introduction.
  7. Registering students for visits to chosen universities.
  8. Advice on accepting and rejecting offers.
  9. Unlimited mentorship throughout the application process.

Dr Daniele Labriola

University Applications Advisor

Daniele, BA, UC Berkeley, MLitt & PhD, St Andrews University, has dedicated over 10 years to assisting families and schools, on how best to prepare students for the top tier of higher education.

Dr Labriola’s years in Education have taken him across North America, Europe, and Asia, advising and lecturing on higher education. He has published academic articles, as well as contributed essays on university preparation and application, for various media, including newspapers, journals and government-sponsored education organizations such as the Fulbright Commission.

Read our blogs to guide you through the university landscape

University Application University student holding Letters of Recommendation

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Read Between the Lines - Top Letters of Recommendation for University. By Dr Daniele Labriola, University Applications Advisor. You’re finalizing your university applications. You have strong grades in the right subjects, a noteworthy set of extracurricular…
University Application

Free webinar – Standing out from the Crowd: How to impress US universities with your application

15th March 8pm, top tips to help you with your application to U.S universities. What are American universities looking for beyond good grades? What can you do to help support your child with their applications and…
TOEFL group of students

TOEFL Guide – everything you need to know about the TOEFL exam

Everything you need to know about the TOEFL Among the many acronyms in the world of EFL (English as a Foreign Language), TOEFL is one that will be on your radar if you are applying to…
IELTS IETLS preparation

What is the IELTS test and how is it scored?

What is the IELTS Test? The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test of your level of English. In fact, the exam is divided into 4 sections tests students' ability to listen, read, write…
University Application Student about to start IGCSE

Is Social Media Presence Important For University Applications?

Does social media matter to university applications? Yes, yes, and yes again. Harvard University made the headlines when in 2021 it rescinded offers to "at least" 10 students. This was due to obscene social media posts…

Read some of Dr Labriola's testimonials

A pupil with no English, but a strong academic background, was under Dr Labriola’s guidance enrolled at a small one-to-one college in Oxford, where he undertook intensive English-language tuition, alongside a challenging programme of A-Levels.  Within 9 months Dr Labriola’s student had secured a place to read Religious Studies at the University of Oxford.

University of Oxford

5 stars

A candidate with a weaker academic profile, ambitious to study in the United States, was given intensive guidance, support, and coaching, under the management of Dr Labriola to increase his potential to secure a place at a top-tier university. Through a combination of tuition, mentoring, guidance, and interview preparation, as well as close oversight of admissions essays, and support with references, he secured places at UC Berkeley and New York University to read Philosophy and Economics.

UC Berkeley & NYU

5 stars

Dr Labriola was approached by an education professional seeking access to leading universities in the United States of America, to study for post-graduate degrees in Education. Following support with application letters, C.V. preparation, references, and interview preparation (as well as GRE prep tuition). His student ultimately received an offer from the Harvard Graduate School of Education to read for a Master’s degree.

Harvard Graduate School

5 stars

Dr Labriola was approached by a successful tech entrepreneur, who had funded a 100M + software firm, who wished to secure places for his daughters are leading schools in the United States and/or the United Kingdom. Mentors were appointed for both daughters to support them during their time at a leading international school, with peripatetic tuition provided as required. Both girls are now thriving at Kings College London.

Kings College London

5 stars

Dr Labriola was approached by an industrialist family seeking to secure a place at a leading American University for their son, to take a rigorous pre-Med course. After being provided with structured support, entrance text guidance, and tuition ahead of his examinations, he succeeded in securing a place at Johns Hopkins University.

Johns Hopkins University

5 stars

A client seeking to apply to top universities in California to study chemistry approached Daniele – himself a graduate of the University of California. Following support with the entire application process, the candidate secured a place at UCLA to read for a bachelor’s degree.


5 stars

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