Ahmad - Maths Tutor


Ahmad is a Mathematics Coordinator for the Middle School and as an IB and IGCSE Mathematics teacher. Teaching both Middle and High School students allows Ahmad to follow the progress of his students as they move into IGCSE and IB years. Ahmad is also an IB Revision Course instructor.

Albena is a TutorsPlus tutor


Albena brings almost 20 years of international teaching experience to the TutorsPlus team, and as Head of Maths she teaches the IB Diploma, IGCSE and AP.  She has an MSc in Maths and Computer Sciences and a second Masters in Educational and Training Systems Design.


Alex has a Masters in Education from the University of Columbia, NYC and has been teaching for 14 years. He specialises in English IB and AP, along with Geography, Science and History for Middle Schools students. Alex has experience teaching students with special educational needs.

tutor Alonzo


Alonzo specialises in English support and early Maths acquisition, including preparing students for US school entrance exams (SSAT and ISEE). He is a fully qualified US primary and middle school teacher.

Andrea L is a TutorsPlus tutor


Andrea is one of our most experienced Maths and Science tutors, with a PhD in experimental Physics she tutors IB
diploma, IGCSE, A Level, French Bac and Maturité. She has high expectations of her students and is known for getting
exceptional results.

Anna is a TutorsPlus tutor


With over 10 years of experience teaching English, Anna is an Examiner for both the IB and the GCSE AQA exam board.  She has a first in English from Durham University, where she also gained her Qualified Teacher Status. More recently she has also taught at Collège Champittet.

Anna is a TutorsPlus tutor


With over 10 years of experience teaching English, Anna is an Examiner for both the IB and the GCSE AQA exam board.  She has a first in English from Durham University, where she also gained her Qualified Teacher Status. More recently she has also taught at Collège Champittet.

Andrea O is a TutorsPlus tutor

Biology — Andrea O.

“The IB requires a lot of independent study skills, in which many students lack practice. Students need a solid understanding of command words – describe | explain | analyse | evaluate – in order to respond accurately”.


Bogdan specialises in helping Economics and Business IB, A-Level and IGCSE students to achieve a transformation in their learning and reach their potential. He is a fully qualified teacher and an IB Examiner.

John K is a TutorsPlus tutor


Fully qualified IB Chemistry teacher and examiner with over 10 years experience in International Schools in Switzerland and Hong Kong. He is a positive, passionate educator with a keen interest in Environmental and Material Chemistry.

Chris is a TutorsPlus tutor


After 10 years’ teaching, first in London, then Oporto, Chris now teaches English IB Diploma in Geneva and has been an Examiner since 2015. He completed his Masters in Education at Cambridge University to become a qualified teacher, and has successfully tutored many students for TutorsPlus since 2015.

Christopher is a TutorsPlus tutor


Chris has been a Maths & Physics tutor & mentor for over 10 years. He has a track record of helping his students gain places at top English boarding schools like Eton, St Paul’s, Dulwich College and other prestigious establishments through excellent common entrance exam results.

Davide Maths Tutor


Davide has been teaching Maths, Chemistry & Physics (in French and English) to IB students in Geneva alongside founding a start-up devoted to scientific communication.

Diana English Tutor


Diana is an experienced EFL teacher with many years experience of teaching English at all levels. As a Cambridge examiner herself, she enjoys helping students prepare for the Cambridge and IELTS exams, and has a fantastic track record of student pass rates.



With a PhD in Microbiology and a teaching certification in Life Sciences & Chemistry, Dipa is  a committed, hardworking and innovative Science and Maths teacher. Dipa has been teaching for 8 years alongside continuing her Scientific Research. She teaches Middle School, IGCSE and IB Maths & Sciences.

Emma is a TutorsPlus tutor


Emma has a degree from the University of Paris in Comparative Literature and a diploma from the Sorbonne in French Literature. She is an expert linguist teaching English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. She provides support for the TOEFL, IGCSE and IB Diploma, French Baccalaureate and the Swiss Maturité.

tutor Fiona


Fiona is a Maths expert and fully qualified Maths teacher who helps build students’ confidence in the subject. She also has experience preparing children for the UK school common entrance exams such as the 11+ and 13+.



Francis has over fifteen years of experience, including teaching the Cambridge A Level in Physics,  Cambridge IGCSE and IBDP in Physics and Mathematics (SL & HL). Francis is currently an MYP examiner with the IB and teaches in both English & French.



Helen, an MBA graduate from INSEAD, is a trained Test Prep tutor, KAPLAN certified and teaches SAT prep courses and the British common entrance test preparation (11+, 13+).


Inci teaches Primary and Middle School Maths and English as well as providing homework support. Inci establishes a quick rapport with students, and is enthusiastic and creative. She teaches students in Geneva and Lausanne.

Jenny is a TutorsPlus tutor


Jenny is an experienced UK trained teacher (Kings College London), specialising in teaching Chemistry & Physics. She has been teaching Science since 2012, first in the UK and then in a prestigious Swiss boarding school. She tutors IB, IGCSE & A Level.

Jonathan is a TutorsPlus tutor


Jonathan has been a teacher for over 20 years, in New Zealand, then Zurich, and has been teaching the IB Diploma in an International School at HL and SL since 2002. As an Examiner he is able to teach the techniques students need in their final IB Diploma exams.


Karine tutors children of all ages and is one of the most experienced teachers on our team.
As a professional teacher, she specialises in teaching Maths and Science in both French and English for children with Special Educational Needs.

Katarina is a TutorsPlus tutor


Katarina is a qualified primary school teacher with a Masters in International Education and over 8 years’ experience working in Switzerland, Italy & the U.S. She loves working  with diverse students with and believes in focusing on each individual’s needs and interests. 

Katharina - Maths & Ecoomics Tutor


Katharina is currently studying for a PhD in Political Science, following an MPhil in Developmental Studies from Cambridge University. Katharina teaches Economics and Maths for IB and A level students in Geneva.

Kene is a TutorsPlus tutor


Kene is a qualified teacher, having taught in the UK and US. He crafts exciting lessons, ensuring student engagement & quick improvement, helping them reach their potential. He has a first class degree in Biology and Education from Vassar College in New York.



Kostas is a fully qualified Maths teacher, training at Ecolint and ILL in Geneva. He specialises is preparing students for the IB & IGCSE Maths exams. Kostas has a patient and supportive teaching style, building students’ confidence while helping improve their academic results.

Kumar Sarvesh is a TutorsPlus tutor


Kumar teaches Maths, Physics, Statistics and Economics at a range of International schools in the Geneva, Zurich and Zug area. He is a Maths and Science specialist and holds an Engineering degree, a Management diploma, an MBA and an Executive MBA from INSEAD and also a Doctorate from EU Business School, Switzerland.

Laura is a TutorsPlus tutor


Laura is a qualified English teacher with a Masters in Education.  She has a passion for teaching, bringing with it humour and fun, while ensuring that learning follows a clear pathway. Laura is also experienced at supporting students with special needs in Geneva.


Lea is an expert on all written aspects of the IB, from the IA, EE and TOK. Teaching in English and French, Lea ensures our students understand and follow the IB Guidelines

Margarita is a TutorsPlus tutor


“Raising a student’s confidence is my biggest challenge. A successful student is the one who has not only good understanding but also a great deal of confidence in their own abilities”.

Andrea L is a TutorsPlus tutor

Maths — Andrea L.

“Solid foundations in algebra, arithmetic, & geometry are essential to the IB and can often be missing. Students tend to be dependent on calculators and lack confidence with mental Maths”.

Nottania is a TutorsPlus tutor


Nottania has a PhD in Microbiology (University of Zurich) and tutors students in Chemistry, Biology and Maths for TutorsPlus in Geneva and now in Zurich. As a teacher and a tutor she loves supporting IB Diploma students.

Philip is a TutorsPlus tutor


Philip has over 40 years of experience (IB, A Level, IGCSE). As head of Humanities at the International School of Geneva, he taught ToK and the Extended Essay. “Phillip was a fantastic tutor! Last year I received a 1 in history and this year I received one point away from a 6.”

Rebecca is a TutorsPlus tutor


Rebecca has been a qualified primary school teacher for almost 10 years, with strong literacy acquisition skills and leads phonics workshops to train student teachers. She helps international school students develop a love of learning, inspiring them to be confident and happy individuals. 

Sebastian English Tutor


Fully qualified English Literature and Language teacher, TOK advisor and Extended Essay tutor. Sebastian also teaches French Literature & Language and Spanish as a foreign language.

Simon Maths & Chemistry Tutor


Simon is a fully qualified teacher of Maths, Physics and Chemistry for Middle and High school students. Originally from the UK he teaches IGCSE, A Level and IB.

Sofie is a TutorsPlus tutor


Sofie is a Primary & Middle School Teacher, teaching in international environment in Belgium, Bermuda, Spain and now Zurich & Zug. She teaches all primary subjects and supports children with language development and with special educational needs like dyslexia, ASD and ADHD.

Tina Heintz


Tina has over 10 yrs of experience teaching English, French and Maths to young learners. She has experience teaching students with dyslexia, ADHD, and gifted & talented profiles, and is a licensed Auditory Perception Practitioner. She is a foreign language major and has an MBA and is bi-lingual English /French. Tina is also trained to do Math Assessments, & Common Entrance exams (UK & US).

Tony is a TutorsPlus tutor


Tony has 40 years of experience teaching Physics at prestigious boarding schools around the world and Aiglon Collège in Switzerland. He is an IB Examiner and uses his experience to help students prepare for the IB by teaching exam techniques to help them achieve their potential.

Valeria is a TutorsPlus tutor


Valeria is known for her expertise in tutoring Maths and Physics for the last 8 years with TutorsPlus, and for her highly focused IB Diploma and IGCSE exam preparation. She has a Phd in Mathematical Physics and taught at University level in Italy and the UK.


Highly experienced IB Teacher and Examiner, Tao brings a wealth of knowledge from her previous 20 years of classroom teaching.

Wendy is a TutorsPlus tutor


Wendy has a Masters degree in Education and has been teaching in International schools for 13 years, she is a specialist in Biology, Environmental Science, and Chemistry at IB Diploma and IGCSE level and also teaches general Science to secondary school students.


Originally a Fully Qualified Primary School teacher from the UK, Cathy now specialises in Maths and Special Educational Needs for secondary age pupils.

Tutor Melina


Originally from a private banking background, Melina has recently qualified as a Primary School teacher, teaching in French. With current placements at Ecolint in Geneva, Melina is perfectly placed to help with our students in the PYP programme.



Highly experienced IB Teacher and Examiner in Biology SL & HL and IA & EE moderator. Joe is a very student centric educator and aims is to help students acquire the skills to be successful learners and master Biology and Science at the same time.

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