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She is very attentive to her students requests and is eager and capable of giving precious tips that go beyond the basic lesson and which are very relevant to the IB preparation.

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English IB Students working on IB Oral Commentary

10 steps to success in the IB English oral commentary

10 Steps to success in the IB Oral Commentary (updated September 2021)   Know your works!  Above all read, and re-read your works. It is your interpretation of the texts which will be the crux of…
TOK students preparing for ielts

How to get a top score in your IB TOK Essay

Updated: for new TOK course 2022 How to get a top score in your IB TOK Essay Does your Theory of Knowledge essay feel like an impossible mountain to climb? Many IB students feel like this,…
Maths IB primary pupils in classroom

Maths anxiety – how parents can help 

I'm terrible at Maths. I can't do Algebra. I was always bad at Maths tests. Maths anxiety starts early and many teachers report hearing first years at primary school declaring they are no good at Maths.…
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