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Understand Expectations

Achieve Independence

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Overwhelmed with course work?

Is your child one of many completely lost with their Internal Assessments, Extended Essay or TOK essay? Students are often unprepared for the level of independent thinking and research expected from these!

Having IB Examiners on our team means we know inside-out what’s expected and how to draw out students’ interests, skills and ability to self-direct their learning – not give them the answers! We value the fact that an independent task means it needs to be the student’s own work.

How our tutors help with your IA, EE or TOK

The IA, EE or TOK package comprises 2 sessions.

Session 1

1 hr non-contact time for the tutor to read your IA/EE or TOK

Session 2

The second is a1 hr verbal feedback session where the tutor will discuss your written assignment and go through any areas that need more focus.


Please note that due to the IB guidelines, we are not able to provide any written feedback.

Here are the key ways our tutor can support you:

  • highlighting areas that are unclear or that need extra work, giving general comments or using questions to guide you to your own conclusions.
  • reviewing evaluation criteriato make sure you understand the terminology used and the IB’s expectations.
  • going through past IA/EE/TOK samples so you understand  what an excellent IA/EE/TOK looks like.
  • timetabling and setting realistic goals to work towards your IA/EE/TOK.
  • guidance for framing the key question.
  • ensuring the IA/EE/TOK reflects the personal engagement of the student.
  • working with you to review your writing skills, including referencing and citing sources accurately.
  • revising subject matter that is the source of an issue in the IA/EE/TOK

And here is what you shouldn’t expect our tutors to include:

  • detailed written comments on the first draft (only the in-school supervisor is allowed to do this).
  • give detailed written comments and explicit explanations on how to improve the IA/EE/TOK



For more information on IB written assignments please go to our dedicated pages listed below.

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