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As with all Spanish IB Ab Initio students, the reading exam in paper 2 can be intimidating.  After all, it is the first time you have learned the language.

But fear not.  We have Maria here to help.  In fact, not only is she a TutorsPlus IB Spanish Ab Initio tutor she also is IB Examiner for the subject. So this means she knows all the tips and tricks to help you prepare for your exam.

Here goes, here are her top tips to help you ace the Spanish Ab Initio exam paper 2.

  1. First, read the questions: Read the questions carefully, paying attention to any specific instructions, such as “fill the gaps”,  “find similar words” or “give titles.” Then you can make sure you understand what the examiner is asking.
  2. Usually, the exam questions are synonyms of words from the text. This can help you to identify the answer to the question.
  3. Read the instructions carefully: Before you start reading the text, make sure you understand the instructions and the questions you will be asked.
  4. Skim the text: Quickly read through the text to get a general idea of what it is about. This will help you to understand the context and the main idea of the text. Even pictures help!
  5. Read the questions: Read the questions carefully, paying attention to any specific instructions, such as “underline” or “circle.”
  6. Identify keywords: Identify the keywords in the questions that relate to the text. This will help you to focus on the relevant parts of the text when you are looking for answers.
  7. Take notes: While you are reading the text, take notes of the main ideas. Notably key phrases, and vocabulary that you might need to answer the questions.
  8. Pay attention to details: Pay attention to details such as dates, names, and places. As they may be important for answering some of the questions.
  9. Look for clues: Look for clues within the text. Such as signal words and phrases that can help you to identify the author’s opinion, purpose, or attitude.
  10. Use context: Use the context of the sentence or paragraph to help you understand the meaning of unfamiliar words or phrases.
  11. Guess when in doubt, seriously! : If you are unsure of an answer, try to eliminate the obviously wrong options. By doing this you can make an educated guess based on your understanding of the text.
  12. Practice, practice, practice: The more you practice reading comprehension, the better you will become at it. Try to read a variety of texts in Spanish to improve your reading skills.

Maria is an IB teacher at a top Swiss international school and is also an IB Spanish Examiner.  We are lucky to have her on the TutorsPlus tutoring team helping our students get the best IB scores possible.

Spanish IB help with TutorsPlus

If you need help revising or feel like you are struggling with IB Spanish Ab Initio Paper 2, get in touch as you may feel like you need extra assistance. If so, hiring a tutor can be the right solution.

At TutorsPlus, we are committed to connecting you with qualified and experienced tutors well-vested in every aspect of the language. From improving your grammar and vocabulary to time management, we’ve got you covered.

In case you need to check the specifics of the course then take a look at the IB subject guide.

On top of that, we can provide you with personalized feedback and guidance to take your performance to a new level. If you’d like to learn more about TutorsPlus and our amazing tutors, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are available at 022 731 8148 and info@tutorsplus.com.

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