Meet Katerina, our expert primary Maths & English tutor in Geneva

Katerina expert primary teacher

Katerina, one of our TutorsPlus tutors who focuses on supporting Primary Maths and English, tells us what goes into planning engaging lessons and the interesting skills her students have taught her….

“What is a day in the life of a TutorsPlus tutor?”

“The early bird catches the worm” and for those of us who tutor students before class in the morning, we know this better than anyone! Whether I’m up early teaching, preparing for my next lesson, or out walking my dog, my mind is always thinking of how to better help my students. It might be as simple as needing to count my coins at the store to design a lesson on addition or getting caught in a rain storm to think up a lesson on weather patterns. There is nothing better than making learning meaningful by making it relevant for them. A typical day consists of planning our sessions for each student, ensuring the material is personalised to meet their needs, challenge them, yet also nurture their interests and curiosities. A lot of time goes into planning our sessions with the students, but this is also one of the most creative parts of the job!

I often tutor my students in the late afternoons or evenings, so the middle of the day leaves me open to explore my own interests. A lifelong learner myself, I am currently completing an online course in competency-based education from MIT.

“What is the most common challenge you see your students face”?

Confidence is key. Often, I meet students whose main hurdle is believing and trusting in themselves. The first step to succeeding is trying and failing and then trying again. This is why I encourage and model a growth mindset in everything I do.

“What would we find you doing when not tutoring?”

I’m a kid at heart myself and I love to do anything and everything that keeps me moving. You can often find me walking or running, cycling or skiing! I am also a passionate bookworm and when I’m not on the move you’ll likely find me buried in a book.

“What is your most memorable teaching moment?”

It is so difficult to pick just one! My favourite moments are those in which the joy for learning is palpable and contagious. When I was teaching full-time in Washington DC, we would have weekly “kid-teacher lessons” where a student would become the teacher and I would take part in their lesson as their student alongside the others. I had the chance to learn taekwondo, Minecraft, Bollywood dancing, knitting, cartoon making and so much more! Each child is an expert is something and it should never be underestimated what we can learn from them.

Katerina is a TutorsPlus Primary expert with a PGCE and a Masters in International Education. She has worked as a primary teacher in both Europe and the US and helps support children primarily with Maths and English education. If you would like to book a session with Katerina or any of our other tutors, click here.

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