French IB French Ab initio student

Ab Initio French Tips for a Top Score

In this guide, we will introduce you to French Ab Initio. In particular, its curriculum, tips for a top score, and revision help for the final exams (including the IA or French oral). So that you…
French IB

IB French Revision Tips for Top Grades

So, you’ve chosen a challenging yet beautiful language and you need IB French revision tips to get top grades and pass with flying colors. Motivation and hard work are half the battle... ...and an effective and…
French IB french IB student

IB French Guide to Language B

Learning IB French Language B requires time and hard work, and this article gives you a complete guide to the subject. From the structure of the course to the exams, including the IB French oral, to…
French IB

How to ace your French IB Oral

For many students, the speaking part can be difficult. Some find the French IB oral trickier than reading, writing, or listening exams, and arguably for those who don't speak French regularly, it can take time to…
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