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In this article, we introduce the best IB tutors for you to choose from for AA, AI and HL and SL Maths IB courses, wherever you are in the world.

But before we dive in, what does “best” mean when looking for the right IB Maths tutor for you?

Well, the answer is simple.  You need someone who is skilled at explaining the complex problems you’ve come up against, in an easy-to-understand way.

This means a skilled teacher, who knows the IB inside out. Here, we will introduce you to our tutors, with years of IB experience as Maths Teachers and Examiners.

We can organise a lesson for you quickly and easily.

Ruth – IB Maths tutor – Maths IB & IGCSE Teacher

I am a UK qualified Maths and Science teacher with 27 years of experience, and for the last 8 years I have taught students at a prestigious boarding school in Switzerland.

I specialise in teaching the Applications & Analysis and have years of experience supporting students through the IGCSE.

Often, students just need that extra bit of support and understanding that we can give on a one-to-one basis. I give varied, engaging lessons with regular feedback and positive praise are the key to learning.

Paula – IB Maths tutor – Maths IB & IGCSE Teacher

In 2004, with two small children, I decided to return to the school classroom as a part-time teacher. Then took on a full-time position in 2007 when my journey with the IB program began and I haven’t looked back since.

I became head of Maths at my school and have been teaching in Switzerland for almost 10 years now. I have experience with the IB Diploma at both SL and HL and both AA and IA.

Matt – IB Maths tutor – Maths IB & IGCSE Teacher

He has taught Maths IB and IGCSE, amongst other subjects, for the past 14 years. First, in the UK, then in Switzerland, and more recently international schools in the Czech Republic.

He only tutors online, which means that he has developed positive methods to ensure high-quality IB and IGCSE teaching. In addition, he has a proven track record of helping students get excellent academic results.

Albena – IB Maths tutor – Maths IB & IGCSE Teacher

Albena is the Head of Maths at an International School in Germany and has been teaching the IB since 2002. Plus, she also teaches IB revision courses internationally.

It is rare to find a free spot with her. This is because her students say her help is invaluable, building their confidence for their final IB Maths exams.

She has an MSc in Mathematics and Computer Sciences and a second Masters in Educational and Training Systems Design.

Albena is a TutorsPlus tutor

Mudassir – IB Maths tutor – Maths IB & IGCSE Teacher

As an IB Maths Examiner, and IA Moderator Mudassir is an IB expert.

He teaches Maths AA SL/HL, AI SL/HL, and gives IA support ranging from assistance in topic selection to applying appropriate Maths.


Other than teaching, he has lots of hobbies including music. He loves singing and allows students to play light music in the background while having a lesson with me if they want to.

Wael – IB Maths tutor – Maths IB & IGCSE Teacher

As IB Maths Coordinator at his school, as well as an IB Maths teacher Wael, knows everything there is to know about IB Maths.

Wael maths & economics tutor

Wael teaches both AI and AA curricula and SL and HL and also tutors Economics too. He is an IB Maths Examiner and also has a Master’s degree in Maths education.

How can we help?

If you are stuck, need a little help with revision, or just a few hours with an expert IB teacher or examiner can make a huge difference.

TutorsPlus offers IB tuition in IB Maths and all IB subjects to help international students prepare for this demanding programme. We react quickly and can provide you with the experienced tutor you need fast.

Our tutors know the IB inside-out and truly work magic to draw out each student’s ability to self-direct their learning. You can reach us at 022 731 8148 or

Finally, if you want to see the full Analysis and Approaches or Application and Interpretation topic list this is linked to the full IB Organization subject guide for both HL and SL Maths.

By Sara Lloyd

Sara has been an education consultant for TutorsPlus for 15 years, and is an expert on international IB education.  She is also a parent of two lively children.

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