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1st year IB Summer Revision

With school closures at the end of your 1st year of the IB, we understand that many students are concerned they are not prepared for their final year.

The pace of the IB Diploma is fast. Dismay can quickly set in as the volume of content begins to rise, and topics and concepts become more complex. Our tutors find that students often ask for support later than they should.

But even a few hours with an expert tutor can help students regain confidence and catch up in no time!

Revision during the summer can reinforce good study habits, encourage cyclical revision and consolidate the foundations learnt in the first year of the IB1. Summer tuition will be taught by IB trained and experienced teachers, many of whom are also IB Examiners.

Private tuition will ensure students:
  • Practice foundational study skills & research skills.
  • Revisit any topics that the student is not confident in.
  • Understand what’s expected for any upcoming assessments and plan out their approach.
  • Ensure there are no gaps in the pre-requisites of the subject.

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Common gaps our IB tutors help with

Andrea O is a TutorsPlus tutor

Biology — Andrea O.

“The IB requires a lot of independent study skills, in which many students lack practice. Students need a solid understanding of command words – describe | explain | analyse | evaluate – in order to respond accurately”.

John K is a TutorsPlus tutor


John is a qualified IB Chemistry Teacher & Examiner with over 10 years experience teaching in Switzerland and Hong Kong. Together with exam preparation, he builds students’ confidence in their own abilities. He tutors the IB diploma, IGCSE, and middle school levels.

Andrea L is a TutorsPlus tutor

Andrea L.

Andrea is one of our most experienced tutors, with a PhD in experimental Physics (CERN), and a strong track record in exam preparation for the IB diploma, IGCSE, A Level, French Bac and Matu. Andrea is also an SAT / ACT test prep tutor. She teaches in both English & French.

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