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Bespoke IB Revision Courses

About our courses

  • Small group online IB revision courses or one to one revision over the Easter holidays.
  • Courses available from 26th March to 19th April in all IB subjects.
  • Courses taught by IB examiners.
  • Revision courses available in all IB subjects.

Confidence in your IB Exams

  • Bespoke revision support by expert IB Examiners.
  • Helping students through the hardest parts of the curriculum.
  • Building their confidence and prepare them for the all-important final IB exam.
  • Our revision courses help students improve their score through teaching exam technique and giving students the tips and tricks to do their very best on exam day.

What students will gain

  • Confidence in the core syllabus, answers to lingering questions and strategies for handling continuing revision of the tough areas.
  • Development and practice of the study skills and time-management skills that enhance success.
  • Practice in applying and transferring knowledge in a variety of question forms.
  • Top tips on revision and proven exam techniques.

What you can expect

  • Small groups give students the confidence to discuss problem areas more freely and learn different approaches from peers and tutors.
  • Experienced tutors are familiar with IB marking schemes – ensuring that students learn how to optimise their answers to earn the best grades possible.
  • Focus on historically “difficult” areas using a library of recent exam papers.

Our teachers are the magic ingredient

Our teachers are the magic ingredient in our Easter revision courses.

We know that no-one teaches IB revision better than professional IB teachers.

We also know that online teaching is an important skill that takes time to learn.

Our IB Easter revision courses are all taught by tutors with experience teaching international school students online and know what it takes to help students get the best results possible.

Our revision course teaching team are all trained, experienced, professional IB teachers and IB examiners, with decades of teaching experience behind them.

100% of courses taught by IB Examiners

Meet our IB Examiners

Albena is a TutorsPlus tutor


Albena brings almost 20 years of international teaching experience to the TutorsPlus team, and as Head of Maths she teaches the IB Diploma, IGCSE and AP.  She has an MSc in Maths and Computer Sciences and a second Masters in Educational and Training Systems Design.


Bogdan specialises in helping Economics and Business IB, A-Level and IGCSE students to achieve a transformation in their learning and reach their potential. He is a fully qualified teacher and an IB Examiner.

Margarita is a TutorsPlus tutor


“Raising a student’s confidence is my biggest challenge. A successful student is the one who has not only good understanding but also a great deal of confidence in their own abilities”.


Highly experienced IB Teacher and Examiner, Tao brings a wealth of knowledge from her previous 20 years of classroom teaching.

Tony is a TutorsPlus tutor


Tony has 40 years of experience teaching Physics at prestigious boarding schools around the world and Aiglon Collège in Switzerland. He is an IB Examiner and uses his experience to help students prepare for the IB by teaching exam techniques to help them achieve their potential.



Highly experienced IB Teacher and Examiner in Biology SL & HL and IA & EE moderator. Joe is a very student centric educator and aims is to help students acquire the skills to be successful learners and master Biology and Science at the same time.

John K is a TutorsPlus tutor


Fully qualified IB Chemistry teacher and examiner with over 10 years experience in International Schools in Switzerland and Hong Kong. He is a positive, passionate educator with a keen interest in Environmental and Material Chemistry.

What our students say about our IB Revision Courses

‘Teacher gave clear explanation and was very accommodating, very well catered to students’ needs’.

Celia – IB Revision Course Student

‘Small groups making it easy to communicate’

Gareth – IB Revision Course Student

‘Very intense course, full of details. Great explanations.’

Jeremy – IB Revision Course Student

I just wanted to pass on my deepest gratitude for the superb tutoring the teachers from TutorPlus provided Frazer in February.  The end game as would know all assignments etc for each subject were submitted to determine each student’s grading.  Frazer ended up getting IB score of 41.   TutorPlus teacher’s played a significant part in Frazer’s end core.  As a parent, and former teacher, I was incredibly impressed at the preparation each teacher put into Frazer’s sessions and their willingness to provide him with some additional work that they provided feedback on after hours.

Phil King – IB Revision Course

What you need to know


IB students about to take their final exams


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TutorsPlus commitment to quality

We make sure our tutors are not just academically qualified, but are also passionate and committed to helping students achieve their full potential. After every course, tutors are evaluated by our students and our Academic Director. This allows us to assess the performance of each tutor and keep improving our team.

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