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Revising for exams can sometimes be overwhelming. This IB Maths AA SL Revision Course is designed to help you structure your revision and provide opportunities to practice sitting exam-style papers and questions.

Revision should be a cycle of going through your notes and textbooks, practicing exam-style questions, reviewing your strengths and weaknesses, and returning to your notes and textbooks.


5 skills for exam success


  • knowledge of all the topics required in the syllabus
  • facility with basic algebra and arithmetic
  • familiarity with your calculator
  • the ability to make links and solve problems
  • calmness under test conditions

Why choose TutorsPlus IB Maths AA SL Revision Course?

Improve confidence and grades

Real-time small groups or Individuals .

Online Tools ( Smart Board + Online GDC TI84 Plus- Smart view)

Let us help you with each skill needed for exam success


The course will cover the most important concepts and skills necessary for success;

Numbers & Algebra, Functions

Geometry & Trigonometry

Statistics & Probability



The GDC Calculator will also be covered for each section.

When is our Maths AA SL revision course?

April 1st – April 5th 2024


09:00 – 12:00 CET


The course will run online using Google Meets.

How much is our Maths AA SL revision course?


500 CHF per 15 hr course





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